Why You Need a Google My Business (GMB) Listing

The Advantages of Being Listed In GMB According to Google, at least 50% of cell phone users searching for local businesses will visit that business within a day of their search; and of those, 18% will actually make a purchase.Doesn’t this sound like something that can be a great addition to your business and something that your business should be a part of?You bet it does, and GMB has even more to offer.

Here are 10 Important Advantages To Having A Verified GMB Business Listing:

Firstly, it is completely free. As in – NO CHARGE.It is the ultimate Business Directory online, and includes all the pertinent business information that is instantly and easily accessible to your current and/or potential customers.

All of the information in your verified listing is clickable.Customers may click your phone number to call you direct from their mobile phones, or tap your domain name and be redirected to your website.

All of the information is properly displayed on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

It’s available to both local and online businesses.You can (and are encouraged to) post photos and videos about your business or services directly to your listing page.

You have access to Google metrics that will show you how many people are looking for your business and finding your site.

Your listing drives targeted traffic to your website.

Customers can read reviews and add their own reviews.

And you work from one centralized dashboard, with access to Google+, Insights, Reviews, Hangouts and GoogleAnalytics, plus any other tools Google has available.

Why GMB Is So Important to Local Businesses: There are a great many options to aid you in promoting your business online whether through directories or any of the social media sites. This can be very challenging and confusing for small business owners who have limited resources and little, if any, knowledge or the “how to” to be able to choose the best way to allocate their time, money and efforts.In order to maximize your expenditures and efforts, it is vital that you weigh all the benefits of using various platforms against your specific business requirements, considering such criteria as “how many people can be reached?” and “is your target audience aligned with the ideal customer you want to attract?”Regardless of your goals, the one most important platform that a local business should not overlook is “Google My Business.”Once known as Google Places, GMB offers the best single location to list all of your business information, while displaying images and videos of the business…Plus, it also helps your local business to appear in search engine results, Google maps and Google+ pages, and searches.Why Google? Because it is where most people will go to find your business!GoogleeBiz/MBA Rank estimates that there are in excess of 1,600,000,000 unique visitors every month.


Google is the most visited digital media property online

92.59% of mobile, worldwide searches use Google

66% of desktop searches are through Google

Here are more compelling statistics for local businesses:

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find almost all local information

50% of local mobile searches resulted in a store visit within a day of the search, and

34% of computer & tablet searches also resulted in a store visit

Google My Business listings differ from actual website visits because they offer more opportunities to appear in multiple locations within the general search results.Plus, when your website is Search Engine Optimized (aka“SEO”), this can help your website move up in the search rankings, mainly because Google gives GMB pages an extra boost via better, and more effective placement on the search engine results pages, (aka “SERPs”). Google also inserts them into other frequently used Google tools such asGoogle Maps.

Additional Ways That Google My Business Is An Indispensable Tool For Local Businesses: You, or any business, is in charge of the information entered, responsible for making certain that all of the information is correct and also consistent across all the listings. That is probably the most important contributing factor in helping a business climb to the enviable “top” of Google Local Searches.Since Google is considered a “high value” Directory, when you claim your business listing, you need to make certain that every citation (listing) for your business contains the EXACT SAMEINFORMATION.
Even small differences such as using South Main Street on one listing and S. Main St. on another directory will have adverse effects on your site’s listing and resulting rank. GMB also gives you the opportunity to shine a light on your business or your company offers in a positive manner. You can highlight details such as menus, product lists, business hours, as well as showing acceptable methods of payment, and other special features like photos, videos and reviews.And since Google My Business pages give your business a wide variety of tools, you can use them to attract and educate local customers, as well as add coupons and other special offers.GMB Pages also allow you to learn more about your customers via the additional analytics on the various platforms, such as Google Maps, and allows you to learn more about the people who are searching for and finding your business. For instance, when someone requests directions to your location from Google Maps, you can see the location where the request originated. This info could be very useful should you want to add a new location or offer special services to other areas.You can also use a correctly verified local listing to maximize your resources. You want to get the highest return for each dollar you spend on your marketing, so it’s important to consider the best platforms that give you the most reach among all your current and potential local customers.Directory listings in sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Superpages and such may also be useful to help you evaluate all your options and take smart steps to achieve the highest visibility in your local area and in searches on Google.

Link Building Strategy Online

Link Building

If you don’t have the money to invest in search engine optimization for your business, you should still understand the importance of generating backlinks for your company website. Google’s search algorithm has long been based around the concept of links back to your website. When another website links to your website, Google considers it, in a manner of speaking, as a vote. Some websites are better than others, so their votes count more than others.

For today’s search engines (i.e. Google and Bing), backlinks are highly beneficial if they come from websites within or ancillary to your specific niche and/or websites with high authority and large traffic bases. The good news is that social links, signals, and engagement are just as (if not more) important than links, and should be a significant part of the overall goals you set.

1. Post a Link on Social Media.

You may think this is too obvious and not worth mentioning, but have you posted a link to all of your most valuable pages from your social profiles? For most of our clients, this is not often the case. This is an easy backlink to achieve since you’re simply giving yourself one, but do not discount its value beyond its direct impact. You are giving all of your followers a chance to not only click the link but also share the link.

Simply post a link to your pages from your various social media accounts with a brief blurb that will compel the user to (1) click the link and (2) engage with the post on social media. Both are valuable to the page’s overall SEO landscape and, as social media becomes more ingrained in our overall lifestyle, they will only become more important.

2. Incorporate the Backlinks into Your PR Strategy.

Good PR is all about getting people talking about you. Now, when they talk about you on the internet, make sure they link to you or share your social status links with their audience. You can do this by searching for your brand name or notable individuals’ names who work for the company and checking the “News” results. (You could also set up a Google Alert.) For any articles you find on the web, you should email the author to thank them for the publicity and request a link in their existing article. Flattery helps, and this tactic seems to work about half of the time. It is a great win, as the content is already written.

Make sure you’re having conversations on the website about your brand, niche, service, point-of-view, etc. (See the next step for more on that.) You can also manually release a press release (with links). The initial press release might not really move the needle, but watch as it is picked up by media outlets around the country looking for free content. Maybe you’re saying, what sort of newsworthy item can we share? Have you launched a new website? That’s a press release worthy topic! Have you started (or plan to start) a blog? Boom, another press release. Be creative and tell the world about it.

3. Engage with your web.

Seek out and converse with other businesses, websites, and social accounts that overlap (but not necessarily compete) with your online presence. Recommend some content on your website to them (through the prism of “this is how this can help you”) and ask that they share it with their audience. This can be a bit time-consuming, and there’s a reason people have jobs to handle a company’s social media and public relations presence. However, if you’re truly in it for the long haul, then make this a daily goal to engage the web around your particular website. It may not pay off as well initially, but the fruits of your labor will take effect over time.

4. Guest-post on another website.

In the same vein as engaging with your web, you could provide some useful and expert-level content for another website with the agreement that you’ll get a juicy backlink for your troubles. This will not be as effective if you’re doing it on a guest-posting platform (since Google knows that’s an SEO tactic), but it works a lot better when you guest post on another website’s blog. You can leave some links within your post to your relevant service pages and/or blog posts to gain exposure as well as a healthy backlink from another relevant website.

5. Join an authoritative online directory in your niche.

This is not your typical directory submission idea that your SEO consultant would have recommended. We are talking about joining an industry exclusive online directory on an authoritative website. This will almost certainly be a paid directory, so this is a more premium option. You will however, get the bang for your buck if you find the right directory. Search within your niche for “best of” lists or official directories on .gov or .edu domains, which are very authoritative website domains.

Want More Help Developing Backlink Strategies?

If you have any questions on developing internal backlink strategies internally or if you should simply wish to handle the reins to link building to the professionals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Map My Business

When someone requests directions to your location from Google Maps, can you see the location where the request originated? This information could be very useful should you want to add a new location or offer special services to other areas. You can also use a correctly verified local listing to maximize your resources. Do you want to get the highest return for each dollar you spend on your marketing? It’s important to consider the best platforms that give you the most reach among all your current and potential local customers.

Directory listings in sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Superpages and such may also be useful to help you evaluate all your options and take smart steps to achieve the highest visibility in your local area and in searches on Google.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. Email marketing can be done to either sold lists or a current customer database. Broadly, the term is usually used to refer to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and adding advertisements to email messages sent by other companies to their customers.

To learn what Click IT offers in managing the marketing and promotion of a website, see Website Marketing.

Social Media Campaigns

Does Your Company have a Strong Social Media Presence?

For a very reasonable price, Click IT will completely manage the social media presence for your company, to produce desired results. What you get with our basic social media management package once you’ve committed to a program, is this:

  • Consultation and then Set-up of your Social Media Accounts, at no additional charge. The beginning of our management starts with a consultation with you, so we can understand and then outline together your goals and desired results from gaining a social media presence.
  • 6 Daily Twitter Tweets through your company’s Twitter account. The content of these tweets will be generated by us. These tweets will be specifically aimed at your company’s target audience, keeping your company’s brand and business goals in mind. Tweets will be recyclable, and may not be unique every time. (Tweeting frequency will start at 6 tweets per day, but may go up or down, depending on your company’s audience and specific goals. Remember, ‘optimizing’ does not mean ‘maximizing!’)
  • Once-daily Facebook Status Updates through your company’s Facebook account. The content of these status updates will be generated by us. These status updates will be specifically aimed at your company’s target audience, keeping your company’s brand and business goals in mind. Status updates will be recyclable, and may not be unique every time.
  • Monthly Twitter and Facebook Profile Updates. The content of these updates (i.e. the information in your company’s Facebook Page Info section) will be drafted by your company to assure reasonable bilateral approval, and provided to us monthly. Click IT will then tweak the content and then add it to Facebook and Twitter as we see fit.
  • Monthly Analytics Reports. We will generate and email to you your company monthly reports containing graphics of statistics, helping you track your company’s social media progress. (Reports will not be generated until after the first four months of the service start date. This delay is to assure that there is an adequate quantity and a valuable quality of data available to report and evaluate.)
  • On-going Consultation. We will cosult with you via email, anything regarding your company’s overall social media goals. Additional consultations can be provided annually at no additional charge, upon the execution of renewal of your company’s contract. The extent and duration of these consultations will be provided at the discretion of Click IT.
    If you’re interested, please call us toll-free at (800) 368-7416 or send us an email at [email protected] today!

Are you Reaching your Target Audience? What’s interesting is that many in the younger generation have been reported to be shunning email in favor of texting and using their social media “interaction tools”. If you are targeting the younger generation and not using social media, then you must start a program immediately!

With our help, your company’s social media goals can be realized. While it is important to understand that realizing material returns through any marketing strategy is never guaranteed, and as an Internet strategy, social media does not present any guarantees; alternatively, if an organization does NOT have a social media presence, some of their most viable potential customers may not even know they exist and won’t communicate with them. Others who do, may opt for companies who pay more attention to marketing trends, technologies and avant-garde methods of addressing existing and potential customers. For many consumers, a company’s level of commitment to new marketing platforms is subconsciously symbolic of the culture and strength of that company. Are you an organization which wants to endeavor to grow culturally, access potential customers directly, strengthen relationships with the general marketplace, exhibit intangible value and potentially earn more dollars? Then you should engage in an optimized social media strategy by Click IT. Call toll-free (800) 368-7416 or send an email to [email protected].

For an outline of what Click IT offers in managing the marketing and promotion of a website, see Website Marketing.

Internet Marketing – SEO & SEM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing (SEM) Services

93% of consumers prefer the Internet to find local businesses over Yellow Pages or the newspaper, according to a recent study by The Kelsey Group. No doubt, the World has grown to depend on search engines and the Internet for information, communications and research. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the where the source code of a website (the abstract numbers and letters that a computer sees) is massaged and sometimes completely rewritten to make it better, so search engines index its pages of information more favorably.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is where marketing dollars are spent to advertise a business, product or service over the web — as opposed to SEO, where people find information about what they’re looking for organically; on the unadvertised areas on a search results page.

SEO and SEM have grown tremendously in importance these past few years, and can be used to the tremendous advantage of a small and medium size business. Relatively speaking, it is still very effective at a lower cost than other, more traditional means of advertising. Many of our clients come to us with a clear set of goals in mind, but often times than not, they just want to be found on the Internet and moved up in the ranks for their set of keywords and phrases. Click IT can work closely with clients in accessing these goals and then formulating a plan on how to best to achieve it at the lowest possible costs. Initially, this requires some initial research, where we evaluate and make comparisons of their website to their competitions’.

For an outline of what Click IT offers in managing the marketing and promotion of a website, see Website Marketing.