Al Harlow at Click IT headquarters

Al Harlow at Click IT headquarters

My name is Al Harlow. I am the Founder and President of Click IT. Many small-business owners trust Click IT with managing their digital assets, with myself concentrating lately on helping them with their websites, online marketing, brand development, search engine optimization (SEO), email blasts and social media.

With as many as 15 developers at one time under our roof and under my leadership and guidance, we have been a local resource for expert website design and software development doing this concentrated work since 2003. I have helped many small businesses thrive and grow. (See

But the world has changed and grown "flat" (I read "The World is Flat" when it was first published in 2005, if you recall what that book was about), so now all our developers are in the Cloud. In fact, a lot has changed in 10 years, and I have witnessed all of it being a part of the Internet revolution. For instance, for a long time, we had our own servers hosted in a shared data facility in downtown Cleveland in what's called a co-lo (for co-location). The servers and the facility were under the management of our employed Systems Administrators. Nowadays, we simply rent "space" from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, also in the Cloud, with no need for full-time System Administrators nor a room full of developers. How times have changed! We simply pay a monthly service fee for technical assistance for both us and our customers, who have direct access, which cost us 20 times less than what it used to cost, where everything is taken care of, much better than before.

What does this all mean to you? SAVINGS! Huge savings! For instance, our shared hosting platform on our private network use to cost our customers $36 per month. Now, at our new platform Click IT Hosting, plans start at much less, 1/3rd the old price, with much better software, servers, technical support, and assurances than what was available from us before, by far.

So with all this said, I would be more than happy to consult with you to develop an action plan to accomplish your goals and desires. Where once we had to charge a variable price based on the lack of control of the systems and processes we had in place, today we can provide you our services on a fixed-cost basis. For instance, take a look at our website support plans.

In summary, here's why you want to work with Click IT:

Reasons to hire Click IT

  1. Nationally Recognized, Award-winning Website Developer
  2. Experienced
    1. Developing successful web solutions for businesses since 2003
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Accessible
    1. Always available on Skype
    2. Or, schedule appointments anytime, directly and easily online:
  5. Pro-business Advisor
    1. Platinum-level Support-base
    2. Seasoned Entrepreneur
  6. Operating Enterprise since 2012, with a Full Staff
  7. A Proven Internet Marketer
    1. Adwords Certified Personnel
    2. SEO Success Stories
  8. Lots of Testimonials:
    1. Recent Testimonial:
      "... new marketing tools... help my company drum up some new clients and candidates through advertising, linking strategies, and utilizing our referral bonus program more effectively..." KD Drye – Great Work! Employment Services
  9. Conjunctive Services
    1. Highly-Rated Web Hosting Solutions Provider
      1. See 

Why Have Us Develop You a New Web Presence Now?

Well for one, if your site is not mobile friendly, you're being penalized right now by Google. More about this below. But generally speaking, from a technology standpoint, it is the best time to utilize what the web now has to offer and what it has become, which is essentially a replacement for any of the old-fashioned ways of doing things; such as placing an ad in the phone book, snail-mailing glossy marketing brochures or scheduling appointments using paper and pen. All of these methods and more, including membership management and online merchandise sales (where you can sell to the world), are better handled using the power of the Internet.

From a technology standpoint, no doubt it is a good time to utilize what the web has to offer and what it has become, which is essentially a replacement for many of the old-fashioned ways of doing things.  Like placing an ad in the phone book, snail-mailing glossy marketing brochures or scheduling appointments using paper and pen. All of these methods and more, including membership management and online merchandise sales (where you can sell to the world), are better handled using the power of the Internet.

The web is the main place now where people go to find services and to learn more about what they will do before deciding to go a step further and either pick up the phone, step into your place of business or order something like event tickets or art collectibles. People want to see first what you say you are before even considering going the next step. It is just the way this fast-paced world has developed, and the good news is that you can take full advantage of its power at a much lower cost than just a few years ago.

More specifically, because of plugin technologies and advanced platforms we at Click IT use, your new website will be able to easily handle just about anything you can imagine using it for. And best yet, building it, can be done at an extremely reasonable price compared to just a few years ago, where those functional elements that make the website work would have had to be built using developers writing custom code. (At one time, in fact, we employed over 10 full-time developers doing just that, writing custom source code for custom-built Internet applications.) Well, thankfully those days are gone and you are the beneficiary when you hire Click IT build and manage your web presence.

A new website built and hosted by Click IT will not only cost 10 times less than what it once had, it will take full advantage of all the new technologies have to offer, so you'll get the best Search Engine indexing, customer interaction, membership management, information dissemination, lead generation, to give just a few examples.

Your new website will also be “mobile-friendly” which means the pages will display in a manner easy on the eyes, no matter what size the device screen happens to be being used by the visitor. By being mobile-friendly, it will also be favored by Google – which is a new phenomenon in what’s necessary for “local search” requirements.

The aesthetics, the look-and-feel of your new website by Click IT, will also help attract new potential customers so they will pick up the phone and call, stop by your location, order those event tickets or fill out an inquiry form to contact you. We use to have full-time artists as well. Well no longer do you need anything custom designed because we most often now use pre-designed templates already built! This too brings you incredible savings and a very professional look in both appearance and functionality, without the hassle of making design decisions or expense of debugging code.

Today people use their cell phones more often than any other means to look up businesses, suppliers, and phone numbers. Your new website will have a clear call-to-action and additional ways to contact you such as filling out a contact form, ordering event tickets or scheduling a class. (See a recent example which we ourselves at Click IT use: Click Here.) Getting viewers to act will be achieved with the convenience of simply clicking on "action buttons" on your new website, viewed comfortably on any device connected to the Internet.

You will also benefit from working with Click IT in learning for instance how to get listed on free directories, but more importantly, how to use Google Analytics and perhaps AdWords so you gain a distinct advantage over your competition.

We recently have started free workshops for our customers and guests, to help those who want to learn how to manage their own web presence. (See Events.)

We also continue to offer you support and assistance once your new website is built, with a security and maintenance plan and additional marketing services.  As a subscriber to these additional services, we offer weekly reports to keep you abreast of your site's progress and to notify you as to what was done, and what changes or additionals were made to protect or enhance your web presence.

Lately, we also highly recommend for most a YouTube page (or "channel") for enhancing Search Engine rankings. Every one of our clients is handled individually, and advice and recommendations are made in alignment with their needs and desire. Suggestions are made during the discovery process in learning our client's business, but we don't drop it there. A web presence is a process and takes time, and as technology changes, so too will our recommendations. There are many benefits in working with Click IT, which as an organization has over 15 years of hands-on experience and knowledge in these things. Right now the most important thing is to build a new website that reflects your organization and what is available to visitors.  Once your new website takes shape, as you become more familiar with how to manage it, you’ll discover a whole new avenue to show off your work, to get and then keep a visitor's attention.

There are many benefits in working with Click IT, which as an organization has been building and managing web-presences for companies nationwide, for over 15 years now; with lots of hands-on experience and knowledge in this area of Information technologies (IT). As your website designer and management company, we can:

  1. Work with you to build a new website on a new web platform, which has become an industry standard that is fully supported, secure and manageable at an affordable price.
  2. Provide a website with a modern and attractive look that is mobile responsive, professional, engaging, and matches your brand vision.
  3. Train you and your staff how to manage the new website on the new platform, with occasional classes offered free at our facility in Chagrin Falls.
  4. Provide a timely turnaround and reasonable budget.

So to summarize, most all sites we build today are all mobile-friendly, responsive in design, mobile-optimized, automatically search-engine-optimized, with social media integration. We provide a completely managed website hosting solution, complete e-commerce capabilities with product photos, credit card processor setup, and much more. We can do the same for you at a very reasonable cost, so please don't hesitate to call and speak with me directly.

I sincerely look forward to discussing the particulars regarding building a new or expanded web presence for you and your organization. Our main phone number is (440) 247-4998.


Al Harlow

The Click IT Group, President

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