Simply put, "Click here now!", is an example of a "click funnel", because it requires a click which leads to a page making an offer. Pages with offers are often called squeeze pages because they "squeeze" the visitor into making a purchase decision by touching their hot buttons.

funnel can also be a series of pages your visitors go through to reach a certain goal, such as capturing an email address. Click Funnels are essentially the same as "sales funnels", except that the process is channeled through clicks online. The end result is defined by the one who is designing the path leading the horse to water.The definition of the sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.

Sales funnels (also known as a revenue funnels dictated by a sales process) are a buying process used by companies to lead prospective customers so they more readily purchasing their products with fewer objections. Funnels are divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model. One common sales process is divided into seven phases including:

  • Awareness Phase – in which prospects become aware of the existence of a solution.
  • Interest Phase – in which prospects demonstrate an interest in a product by conducting product research.
  • Evaluation Phase – in which prospects or prospect companies examine competitors’ solutions as they inch toward a final buying decision.
  • Decision Phase – In which a final decision is reached and negotiation begins.
  • Purchase Phase – in which goods or services are purchased.
  • Reevaluation Phase – in B2B sales it’s common for offerings to involve contracts that need to be renewed. As a customer becomes familiar with an offering, and especially as a contract draws to a close, a customer will enter a re-evaluation phase during which they’ll decide whether or not to renew their contract.
  • Repurchase Phase – in which a customer repurchases a product or service.

Inside sales managers commonly adopt strategies, tools, and tactics aimed at optimizing each stage of their sales process.

The Internet has enabled online marketers to automate their sales funnels into click funnels, leading to increased revenue with less effort.