The following information is provided to Click IT personnel to assist them in installing SSL certificates for our customers.

Topics Covered In Videos Below:

  • 3 Types of SSL Certificates
  • Clients Hosting (Check First)
  • Where to Get SSL Certificates
  • Installing Purchased SSL with Cpanel
  • Securing a Site With Cloudflare
  • Addressing Customer Security Concerns


Watch the following videos:

What are the three types of SSL certificates?


Always check your clients hosting first. A lot of times you'll find they have SSL and it just needs to be activated as in this example video.



Where to Get SSL Certs - This video reviews places you can purchase SSL certs, which is essentially from any hosting company. There are two ways to go: 1) Purchase the certificate from the current hosting company, 2) Purchase the certificate from Click IT Hosting, or 3) Add the site (which requires repointing the DNS) to our Cloudflare account - discussed in a later video.



Installing a Cert - Complete Instructions

Securing a Site With Cloudflare - When we implement our Security and Maintenance program for our Click IT Hosting customers, we use Cloudflare. There are a lot of reasons, but primarily because it places essentially a firewall in front of the website. Below is a video explaining how to use Cloudflare for the SSL certificate. Please note: When moving the DNS to Cloudflare, the customer essentially hands over the management of it's DNS to us, so any records that have to be added will have to be done by us.

The directions for adding a site to our maintenance and security program, which discusses using Cloudflare also, but in more detail, can be found here:!AtpUhTAovQsvhq06dPt5dMxsXcHp4Q 


Addressing Customer Security Concerns - In order to perform our work of adding an SSL certificate, we have to collect the login information for both the website hosting and domain registrar, which are often different companies. This last video discusses how you can handle getting sensitive information from the customer.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won't Clients Do It All themselves?

98% won't. Of all things that most clients hate, it's dealing with computer and internet stuff. The average business owner is middle-aged and has no patience. For the modest fees we charge, they will (and are) jumping at this service.

What if Everyone Starts Doing This?

That will never happen. While this is sure to be discovered by more marketers and SEO people, its one of the biggest 'Nest'" of clients we've ever seen. It's just not possible to over-saturate it.

Is it a complicated or very technical service?

With the wrong training or no training, it could be. We've been streamlining this process since the moment we realized what was coming from Google. It's as close to copy and paste as you'll find.

Does This Take A Lot of time?

No, and that's what so surprising! You'll be a believer when you use our training materials and support. After finishing your first client for SSL Service, you'll be a pro.

Does this require in-person visits?

NO this is one service that can successfully be performed REMOTELY. You can email and also use the phone and direct clients to your sign-up form and website for more information.


NOTE: All videos and materials used on this page were reproduced by permission from Online Sharks, the producers, and distributors of SSL Sniper.