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Awesome Website DesignWeb Presence Strategy for Local Businesses

When building a new website, whether it is based on an old website or not, Click IT uses hosted WordPress as the new platform because it allows for growth in functionality easily. For instance, "plugins" are commonly used to add functions, such as a shopping cart, or new order form. Below is additional information about what we typically include when we build a customer a new website. We believe that a website should serve the main purpose of attracting new business or attention. There are necessary steps that need to be taken when building a website in order to achieve this. Not all website designer understand this, so be choosy who you have do this work if getting traffic to your website is important to you:

1) We use industry standards, so your new website will never go out of date, or become inoperative.
2) We take advantage of designs created specifically for a client's chosen industry and then customize them to reflect a one-of-a-kind product, service, or/and business.
3) If building a new website (not based on the old one), once you place your order, it helps us if you fill out this form, which will take you about 10 minutes of your time: Click Here for form and send to (See FAQ for answers to common questions.)
4) From there, we do the rest and will have your website completed within a week or less. It's just that simple.
5) Then with this new framework, we can help you market your site too. Go to to learn more about our marketing programs we can implement to get your website properly listed and noticed.
6) The new website we build, in order to take full advantage of our management, security, and marketing programs, must be hosted at We will set this up for you once you complete our Payment Policy and Credit Card Form.


This is a per month cost. We will include periodic updates with these services. For more information, see

Our plans care for your WordPress website proactively and effectively at reasonable prices.

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- Complete set of security and maintenance services
- Delivered on a regular and scheduled basis
- Updates Weekly
- Backups Daily
- Uptime Monitoring
- Performance Monitor
- Weekly Health Report
- Security +
- Firewall with SSL

See Website Support Plans for a comparison chart and more details.

Website Development with Web Presence Building Strategy:

NOTE: If the client has no web presence presently, the following will successfully get their website not only listed properly on the Internet but will also get their business new traffic it would not have normally received.

Step 1) Creation of a new website. This is obvious, but when we create it, we use certain tools and plugins that give our customers an added edge. Click IT's standards when building a complete and performing website includes the following:

- Researching, finding and implementing a look and feel design.
- Creating a digital vector version of the logo.
- Conversion of written content provided by the client to the web platform.- Design Customization
- Mobile Design Customization - to pass Google's mobile-friendly test
- Website Build using best-in-class software
- Website at a bare minimum should include the items listed below:
- Pages, code, setup (recreation of current content on new platform)
- Forms: Contact Us
- Site Map - XML
- Administration area - Easily managed Content Management System (CMS)
- Blog/News - None (but available, if desired. Does help SEO)
- Homepage - Client does not want a slider of photos
- NOTE: All the content and software used can not violate any copyright or licensing laws. The customer bears all this responsibility.

- Completion & Quality Assurance Guarantee with Standard Warranty Included.

Step 2 After your New Website is Build by Click IT:

Additional Services Needed to Build Web Presence, Maintain and Protect Site:

1) Local-SEO-setup-monthly-SEO-booster:

(Note: GMB is not managed by anyone and the address and pictures are all wrong. This service will fix these issues.)

2) Website-security-maintenance-bronze-level:

We also suggest the addon Website Security Essential for an additional nominal charge each month.

Additional Notes:

1) Price quoted does not include the hosting fee which will be purchased separately using the client's credit card at Click IT Hosting. (

2) Hosting must be done at Click IT Hosting.

3) Any domain name purchases or transfers to Click IT Hosting is also a separate charge and not included in this estimate. (Note: Transferring a domain can require up to three hours of additional work billed at our standard hourly rate.)

4) The time it takes to create the account at Click IT Hosting and purchase the domain and website hosting is included in this price quoted.

5) A credit card must be on file for the hosting and domain fees since it is an independent and automated billing system. Additional services such as Security & Maintenance, SEO and Internet Marketing for additional fees. See

6) A template for the design may be purchased using the customer's credit card and is a separate charge, always under $100. If the cost is more than this we will notify you for permission.

7) Plugins that add functionality must also be purchased separately on the customer's credit card and must be approved by the customer before any additional purchases, besides the ones named above, are made on behalf of the client. Plugins range in cost, but all are typically below $100. (The reason why the customer's credit card must be used for these types of charges is that some of the Plugins require an annual maintenance fee, which most often is optional and will be offered typically to the customer at discounted prices prior to support expiring.)

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