Locations Served - SEO Ranking Booster

Search engines today focus on providing "local search results"; meaning that search results shown on the results pages are often based on the vicinity of the searcher.

For example, in our business of "computer repair", when I enter this phrase into Google, the results give me results that surround my location. (See image.)

"Click IT's Locations Served is the most effective SEO rankings booster for the money!"

The top of the search engine results page (SERP) is where you'll find paid advertising. How you get to the top of a page and its sidebar is by using Google Ads - once called Google Adwords.

The map shown on a Google results page shows the locations of businesses that have "computer repair" in their Google-My-Business listings as services they offer. See Why You Need a Google My Business Listing.

"In the Organic Results Section of Search Engines is Where Your Page Links Will Show Up!"

The most desirable section of a SERP is referred to as the "organic results" section. This is displayed below the ads and map. What is displayed here is controlled by algorithms using "robots" that search all the websites to catalog, store and then present these results,  This area is most competitive and it is difficult to get your website page to appear here because your website is measured against all the competing web pages out there with this searched keyword or phrase, in the location of the searcher.

Another issue is that if your business is trying to attract customers or clients outside your location, then you typically won't show in the SERP because your business is not in that location.

So in the interest of maximizing their usefulness, search engines began emphasizing local results. In recognizing this change (which has improved the experience for the user and essentially has replaced the yellow pages from years gone by), we at Click IT have developed and proven a technique that allows your web pages to come up in search results conducted outside your businesses' location.

Locations Served is a technique we utilize which will excel your website search engine rankings to the top of the results pages (SERPS) for every location you are trying to attract customers/clients from. This is a subscription service where we do most of the work upfront, in the set-up, and then we maintain and monitor the positioning of the pages created on the search engines, providing weekly reports.

Learn more at https://clickitwebsitedesign.com/locations-served-seo-rankings-booster.