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Social Media Campaigns

Does Your Company have a Strong Social Media Presence?

For a very reasonable price, Click IT will completely manage the social media presence for your company, to produce desired results. What you get with our basic social media management package once you’ve committed to a program, is this:

  • Consultation and then Set-up of your Social Media Accounts, at no additional charge. The beginning of our management starts with a consultation with you, so we can understand and then outline together your goals and desired results from gaining a social media presence.
  • 6 Daily Twitter Tweets through your company’s Twitter account. The content of these tweets will be generated by us. These tweets will be specifically aimed at your company’s target audience, keeping your company’s brand and business goals in mind. Tweets will be recyclable, and may not be unique every time. (Tweeting frequency will start at 6 tweets per day, but may go up or down, depending on your company’s audience and specific goals. Remember, ‘optimizing’ does not mean ‘maximizing!’)
  • Once-daily Facebook Status Updates through your company’s Facebook account. The content of these status updates will be generated by us. These status updates will be specifically aimed at your company’s target audience, keeping your company’s brand and business goals in mind. Status updates will be recyclable, and may not be unique every time.
  • Monthly Twitter and Facebook Profile Updates. The content of these updates (i.e. the information in your company’s Facebook Page Info section) will be drafted by your company to assure reasonable bilateral approval, and provided to us monthly. Click IT will then tweak the content and then add it to Facebook and Twitter as we see fit.
  • Monthly Analytics Reports. We will generate and email to you your company monthly reports containing graphics of statistics, helping you track your company’s social media progress. (Reports will not be generated until after the first four months of the service start date. This delay is to assure that there is an adequate quantity and a valuable quality of data available to report and evaluate.)
  • On-going Consultation. We will cosult with you via email, anything regarding your company’s overall social media goals. Additional consultations can be provided annually at no additional charge, upon the execution of renewal of your company’s contract. The extent and duration of these consultations will be provided at the discretion of Click IT.
    If you’re interested, please call us toll-free at (800) 368-7416 or send us an email at today!

Are you Reaching your Target Audience? What’s interesting is that many in the younger generation have been reported to be shunning email in favor of texting and using their social media “interaction tools”. If you are targeting the younger generation and not using social media, then you must start a program immediately!

With our help, your company’s social media goals can be realized. While it is important to understand that realizing material returns through any marketing strategy is never guaranteed, and as an Internet strategy, social media does not present any guarantees; alternatively, if an organization does NOT have a social media presence, some of their most viable potential customers may not even know they exist and won’t communicate with them. Others who do, may opt for companies who pay more attention to marketing trends, technologies and avant-garde methods of addressing existing and potential customers. For many consumers, a company’s level of commitment to new marketing platforms is subconsciously symbolic of the culture and strength of that company. Are you an organization which wants to endeavor to grow culturally, access potential customers directly, strengthen relationships with the general marketplace, exhibit intangible value and potentially earn more dollars? Then you should engage in an optimized social media strategy by Click IT. Call toll-free (800) 368-7416 or send an email to

For an outline of what Click IT offers in managing the marketing and promotion of a website, see Website Marketing.

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