Why You Need an SSL Certificate

In order to have secure communication from a web browser, HTTPS is used, which stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure”. An SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”) certificate adds this end-to-end encryption so only the end-user and the web server can decipher the data. If you have data being exchanged without this level of security installed, you take the risk that anyone can easily see the information exchanged over the Internet.


  1. Privacy: Encryption means that no third party can “listen” to your conversations, track your activities, or steal your identity.
  2. Data Integrity: Modifying or corrupting data during transfer will cause an error in decryption, meaning no changes can be made without detection.
  3. Authentication: Successful decryption proves that you are communicating with the genuine site, preventing “man-in-the-middle attacks” and building user trust.

Site is non-secure

Google is Now Penalizing Sites

Since October 1, 2017, Google has been displaying danger warnings about unprotected websites. Because of this implementation, Google is punishing websites that lack an SSL certificate because it frightens website viewers if they don’t have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website.

Connection security warning by Google

Since Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, about half of any web traffic (and probably more) is from visitors that use the Chrome browser (desktop or mobile)… and that percentage is just going UP. The average web user has no idea this is a big push by Google to make the web a safer place, meant to reduce information theft and curtail hacking activities.

Visitors are simply lead to think the website is to be avoided, and this is bad for business if your website does not have an SSL certificated installed.


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