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Why You Need a Google My Business Listing

One advantage of being listed in Google My Business (GMB) according to Google, is that at least 50% of cell phone users searching for local businesses will visit that business within a day of their search; and of those, 18% will actually make a purchase. Doesn’t this sound like something that can be a great…

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Link Building Strategy Online

Link Building If you don’t have the money to invest in search engine optimization for your business, you should still understand the importance of generating backlinks for your company website. Google’s search algorithm has long been based around the concept of links back to your website. When another website links to your website, Google considers it,…

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Map My Business

When someone requests directions to your location from Google Maps, can you see the location where the request originated? This information could be very useful should you want to add a new location or offer special services to other areas. You can also use a correctly verified local listing to maximize your resources. Do you…

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