Your New Back Office

When Click IT builds you a new website, you have a new back office, which is the administrative area only you (and who else you decide on) has access to. It controls every aspect of your new web presence, but more importantly, it is where you can do so much in staying in touch with your customers and keeping the website information current, while also helping to get it to the top of search engines.

But there is more good news! It is easy to navigate and learn how to do the simplest of tasks, so you can manage your web presence yourself, without our assistance. But of course, we’re always here at Click IT to assist in any manner needed.

Examples of what you can do in your new back office:

These examples are from actual sites built by Click IT.

Schedule Events

What’s even more exciting about having the ability to schedule events easily, is that you can take reservations and it can also take payments, so you get paid upfront. Taking payments upfront, as opposed to at-the-door, discourages no-shows. It also helps the cash flow. You’ll find our events scheduler to be as easy as working in any Microsoft product such as Word or Excel.

Schedule Events