Website Marketing

Below is a list of activities Click IT performs for its clients to market their websites, services, and products, increasing awareness, traffic and ultimately sales, through Click IT building and maintaining their on-line presences.  Each client is provided with their own unique package of services, depending on their needs, recommendations, and budget.

Please Note: Implementing most any program requires additional fees to be charged separately to the client’s credit card, which is additional to Click IT’s management fee.


A. Pay-Per-Click Management:

  • Google Adwords

B. Social Media Management:

C. Search Engine Marketing:

  • Google Site Verification

D. Email Marketing:

  • Amazon SES

E. Search Engine Optimization:

  • Yost
  • All In One SEO Pack

F. Video Marketing:


An example of what we charge for these services, is in managing an Adwords account, for which we typically charge just $200 a month to do. This is in addition to the set-up and consulting charges, along with the fees charged directly by Google. But once this is set up, under our management, the tweaking and adjustments necessary for a successful Adwords campaign, is done at a fixed and reasonable monthly price. Each package for every client is unique. Typically, a complete website marketing package includes managing many of these activities in concert. Which services are appropriate or best for you is determined on a case by case basis. Start by filling out and returning this form.

  1. To receive a quotation, please start by completing and returning this form.
  2. For managing the maintenance of your website, see Website Maintenance.