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Here are some webmaster tools we use at Click IT, which you yourself may find useful.

As website designers, we continue to discover an array of tools that we use in our craft, to help us be the best at what we do. The flow of helpful online applications and web services seems to never cease. So in hopes to add a degree of organization to our forever-growing list, we are entering the hyperlinks on this page, freely accessible to our subscribers to discover here and use for their benefit. If you want help with your website and Internet presence for yourself or your clients, if you are a WordPress developer, please contact us or schedule an appointment. You can also request a quotation. We have a shop and as an approved website developer, you will receive discounts when you purchase on behalf of your clients.

Color Pallet Tool


Check Your Network


Check Your Website Around the World


Page Index

1) Get GDPR Compliant

2) DNS Tools

3) Measure the speed of your site:

Site Speed


4) Mobile Friendly Tests (Responsiveness)





6) Online Graphic Tools


7) Norton Safe web page report

Website Malware Test

Sucuri Test

------------------------------------------------------- ✏️ Links to Extensions ✏️ ------------------------------------------------------- Keyword surfer FatRank SerpTrends SEO META in 1 click Broken Link Checker Ahrefs Tool Bar Please note that unfortunately the toolbar which includes Page and Domain metrics is only available to users with an active ahrefs account Page speed insight VidIQ Grammarly ------------------------------------------------------- #seotools #bestseochromeextensions ------------------------------------------------------- ❤️For more video like this one, why don’t you subscribe to my channel by clicking on this link:


  1. Who Owns This Domain?

  2. Look Up Your Country's Domain

  3. Look Up Your Domain Registrar Information


Measure your Website's Performance:

Website Optimization Example by Click IT


Measure Your Internet Speed:

Build Mind Maps & Flow Charts


Research Keywords and Phrases


Virtual Tour Apps and Plugins

  1. Matterport
  2. VR Pro - See an example of use here.

Recommended PPC Management for Agencies


How to Maintain Your Google Rankings and Traffic During a Site Upgrade or Redesign

SEO Print

Google Maps Location ID

Ask Google to recrawl your URLs:

Google Index Checker

Google Maps Platform Tools
(Find the ID of PLACE)

Display Your Google Reviews on your Website
There are plugins and widgets for doing this, but I have yet to find one I like. Here is a link to a page with some code I’ve used:
See example and get the finished code for Click IT here:

Google Reviews

Check Number of Indexes

  1. Type into your Chrome Browser: site:domainname

A Slew of Tools

  1. Click here for a slew of tools for SEO

Link Analyser


Blacklisted Plugins

  1. Click Here for a list of blacklisted plugins.

To Check How a Website Appears at Different Locations


To Check the MX Records (Email location)


Fonts Awesome Symbols


Secure Chat



Find and Replace Plugin

Real-Time Find and Replace


Getting SSL Error on Redirects?

Read this:

(Did you test it using Also, check

Password Tools

  3. Has my password been hacked or is unsafe to use:

Pay Independent Contractors

  1. - lowest fees & fastest