Copy Services

Proofreading ($55/hour):

This is a spot-check—copy will be read and adjusted for grammar and rudimentary intelligibility, assuring a cleaned and corrected presentation, free of flagrant errors.

Copy-editing ($65/hour):

Your copy will be line-edited and those lines will be recomposed according to the requirements of coherency and logic. This may include minor rewriting and reassembly of phrases and sentences.

Rewriting, Branding, and SEO ($100/hour; 2-hour minimum):

I will work with your company to remake the copy. This may involve on-the-clock discussions of the company’s vision and branding objectives, cataloging of keywords, talk of web design as it relates to copy; the composition process will likely take into consideration matters of tone or voice, style, and formatting, messaging goals and target markets, etc. Hours may be budgeted in advance.

Company Style Guide ($255):

Just as a company manual helps employees navigate company systems, procedures, and if-then scenarios, a Company Style Guide systematizes copy-generation within an organization, providing a prearranged and stabilizing series of composition rules. These rules govern how new copy is generated, no matter who is doing the writing. Your Company Style Guide, a PDF, will be drawn up according to an hour-long assessment of available copy and will likely include specifications about grammar, style, voice, target-market, etc. Assessments that, by request or circumstance, exceed one hour will incur additional costs billed at $55/hour.

Who is editing my copy?

Albe Harlow has spent his life engaged in English-language composition and editing. He is a 2019 graduate of Columbia University's MFA Writing Program and a literary reader for Harvard Review. He received his BA in English from the Ohio State University and has published various work about and involving literature and language, e.g., in Princeton University’s Inventory. He has been working with Click IT for years, helping the company and its clients achieve excellence in all copy-related matters.