About this Website

At Click IT, we believe that technology should not be so hard, but at the same time, it should not demand so much time either. This is why we have chosen WordPress as our platform on which now we develop 90% of the websites we build for our clients. This is a MUCH better and LESS expensive platform to build on than all the others. Take it from us, who have tried them all and have been building websites since 2003. WordPress is by far the best, and in fact, over 70% of all new website are built on WordPress, which is more than all those listed below, combined:

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • WebsiteBuilder.com
  • Jimdo
  • Web.com
  • Sitey
  • Edicy

We’re a Bit Different

Because using technology (such as in building a new website) is still more time-consuming and still a little bit hard (very hard, for many), we’re here for you. However, we hope that by building on the WordPress platform and engaging our clients’ cooperation and participation, we will eventually wean them away from their complete dependency of a tech or website developer.  In this way, we can help them reduce their costs and get control over their content in a much more efficient manner. A website also becomes much more effective and is more attractive to the search engines, as far as positioning favorably, when there is constantly new content added, which is better handled by the business owner. Most small business owners have a hard time doing this task, or finding the time, adding content. In fact, we find in building a new site from scratch, that we spend more time trying to pull information out of our clients than sometimes the time we spend in building the site. So, again, when it comes to hiring us to build your web presence, remember that we will always try and wean you away from your dependency on us in completing simple tasks like adding content. This is what makes us better and different.

This site was built on the latest WordPress Theme, using the latest technology from WordPress.org. To learn more about what’s behind the latest WordPress sites, watch this video below.